Banking sphere of Ukraine is recognized as one of the most client-oriented in Europe, providing broad spectrum of financial services and, at the same time, - one of the most strictly regulated in Europe. Functioning of banking products, structuring of deals and performance of transactions require qualitive legal support.



Banking and Financial Law services include the following:

  • legal support and advice on trade and project finance and obtaining of credit facilities,

  • legal support and advice on debt restructuring, assignment of debitor’s and creditor’s indebtness,

  • legal support of bank activity on preparation of internal banking reports upon request of National Bank of Ukraine and other authorities (reports on significant participation, bank compliance etc.),

  • consulting on legal and regulatory framework of banking and financial activity, 

  • opening of bank accounts in foreign banks.




Our company possesses with practical experience in opening of foreign companies in EU and other countries with due regard to client’s business specifics and will provide consultations on choice of jurisdiction subject to corporate and tax requirements of each state.


Considering world-wide tendencies to transparency of operations and de-offshorization, implementation of measures on prevention of tax erosion base and profit shifting, - establishment of businesses worldwide has come into the foregrounds. Our lawyers possess with practical experience in registration and further legal support of operations of newly-established legal entities (including banks and funds in foreign jurisdictions).


Furthermore, we also possess with practical experience in  transnational M&А projects which we perform in full compliance with all regulatory and corporate requirements. 

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#significant participation / significant ownership of the bank's shares
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Proper tax planning and structuring can significantly and, in compliance with the legislation, save business income, reduce costs and contribute to proper development of a business structures. Our company will provide legal advice on the most appropriate choice of tax structuring of your business both in Ukraine and abroad.



Our company specialises in presentation of interests of domestic and foreign clients in arbitral commercial disputes at GAFTA (The Grain and Feed Trade Association) and FOSFA (Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations)(London, Great Britain) associations, as well as at stage of recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards at territory of Ukraine, Russia, Moldova.

At the present day, lawyers of our company successfully represented interests of large Ukrainian agrarian companies in more than 18 arbitral transnational disputes.

Furthermore, our company will be glad to assist you with pre-trial dispute settlement services and mediation procedures.



Existence and development of any business is hard to imagine without creation of objects of intellectual property. With the development of modern IT technologies and products, a need to register and protect intellectual property rights generates more and more demand.


Services in the field of intellectual property include the following:

• national and international registration of industrial property objects (trademarks, trade names, industrial designs, etc.), objects of copyright and related rights,

• legal support in providing licenses, sublicenses for the rights to use intellectual property objects, contracts for the creation and use of an intellectual property object, agreements on the transfer of exclusive rights, contracts for the disposal of property rights,

• advising on the most attractive tax jurisdictions for implementing R&D, optimizing royalty income taxation and more.