COVID-19 restrictions on entering Ukraine (Sept'2020).

Published: 31 August 2020, 19:20 PM

Знімок екрана 2020-08-31 о 18.15.22.png

On 27th of August 2020 the Ukrainian government imposed temporary ban for foreigners and stateless persons to enter territory of Ukraine. Such ban will be valid for a one month (it entered into force on 00:00 of 28th of August 2020 and shall be valid until 00:00 of 28th of September 2020)[1].

By way of exception to the above, the following categories of foreign citizens are still allowed to enter if they:

1) are one of the spouses, parents or children of a citizen of Ukraine,

2) travel through the territory of Ukraine in transit and have documents, confirming departure abroad within two days,
3) arrive in Ukraine for study purposes,

4) permanently or temporarily reside on the territory of Ukraine and

have a permanent residence permit or a temporary residence permit,

5) have a work permit, issued for foreigners and stateless persons,

6) are technical specialists who arrive to Ukraine at the invitation of representatives of Ukrainian enterprises, and other categories.

All above-listed categories shall have a right to enter Ukraine upon presentation of a travel document and an insurance (policy certificate, contract for insurance), issued by/concluded with an insurance company, registered in Ukraine or a foreign insurance company that has a representative office in Ukraine or a contractual relationship with an insurance company - a partner in Ukraine (assistance), and covers costs, related to COVID-19 treatment, observation, and valid for the period of stay in Ukraine (the category 4), mentioned in this post, is exempted from provision of such insurance).


Particular attention in this post concerns category (6)) - technical specialists – they are welcomed to Ukraine if they have an invitation from a Ukrainian company for an interview, a valid job offer, an employment contract or any other document to that effect. The law does not pursue any requirements to such documents: it can be a simple printed copy of such (no original of a document or notarial certification of a copy are not required).


In our practice, there are already confirmed cases that foreign technical specialists who entered Ukraine with official letters on invitation for a job interview and a job offer; they all confirmed that border control check went smoothly.


Once you might have any questions on entering Ukraine or legalisation of your stay here – please, feel free to address us at any time (e-mail:, phone: + 38 096 698 4348).


[1] Source: Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as of 27th August 2020, No. 757 “On amendments to some acts of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine” which approves “Amendments to the acts of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine” (available here, in Ukrainian only).